Chitraparna Sinha - Global Communications Specialist

global communications specialist, quantum thinker, orophile, bibliophile & cinephile

Words are powerful. They can inspire, educate, and persuade. They can also hurt, divide, and destroy. Communication is complex, in an evolving and diverse world, and it need not be.

Imagine a world where everyone could communicate their ideas clearly, compassionately, with empathy and understanding. A world where our words, spoken and written, have an impact on the people around us. 

Chitraparna Sinha - Global Strategic Communications Specialist

I am Chitraparna Sinha, a global communications specialist, working in the digital business space since 2007. I help businesses to build and execute internal and external communication strategies, using quantum thinking abilities.

My work has helped businesses to:

  • Create a positive and productive work culture in a diverse environment
  • Increase brand awareness and engagement with consumers
  • Establish strong relationships with business investors and stakeholders
  • Build and deploy crisis communication protocols

If you are looking for a globally experienced strategic communications specialist, I am the right person for you. 

You could also look at my LinkedIn for work specifics and recommendations.

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